Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

1. To provide a Certificate of Compliance with each shipment.

2. To notify AvioTrade immediately of product and/or process changes that may affect the quality of the item(s) being purchased.

3. To Allow “Right of Access” to AvioTrade its customers and regulatory authorities if needed to all facilities and all application records that pertain to purchased product or services.

4. To notify AvioTrade immediately if our “Delivery On” date listed on purchase orders cannot be satisfied.

5. To indicate the following information regarding purchase orders: the name/or product description, applicable issues or specifications, drawings, or other relevant technical data (e.g., revision level)

6. To retain records for a period of no less than ten years.

7. To notify AvioTrade of any product changes recall or non-conforming product.

8. To notify AvioTrade of any records retention requirements.

9. To notify AvioTrade of any requirements for qualification of personnel.

10. To notify AvioTrade of any requirements for design, test, inspection, verification, use of statistical techniques for product acceptance and related instructions for acceptance by the organization.

11. Non-Incident related material only.

12. All supporting documentation must be provided with shipment, otherwise AvioTrade reserves the right to return the material for full credit and at vendor’s expense.

13. All material received is subject to our inspection and acceptance.

14. To notify AvioTrade of any suspected unapproved and counterfeit parts.

15. Ensuring that persons are aware of :

· Their contributions to product or service conformity.

· Their contributions to product safety.

· The importance of ethical behavior.

16. All chemical material must have at least 80% of its shelf life remaining. Unless otherwise approved.